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Thank you for visiting the "Tolliver Music Group" website. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about us. The Tolliver Music Group was founded by Mikeric Tolliver in Fall of 2006. Since then we have grown.

About Our C.E.O/ Founder Recording Artist "KARAT"

Our C.E.O is National R&B/Gospel Recording Artist Mikeric "Karat" Tolliver.  Mr. Tolliver is currently Working on his first R&B project.  Mikeric "Karat" Tolliver Has worked with so many new and upcoming artist such as "Lajaye'" B.K.A Mr. Slow 'N' Eazy who is now an anointed Minister of the Gospel. Pastor Lajaye' Britt will be releasing his gospel project in January with the L.B Praise Chorale. His church is Faith Miracle Minstries located in LaGrange, N.C.


Please be patient with us for we are a growing and busy Company. Our site is currenly underconstruction. If you would like for us to advertise your business or CD etc. on our website, please call our C.E.O for more information.

C.E.O- 919.778.1322

We Need Sponsors!!!

The Tolliver Music Group™ is a growing business and in order for something to grow it must be watered and fed. If you are a flourishing business we would like for you to be one of our sponsors. Your generist Donations/Contributions will benifit us TREMENDOUSLY and we despise NOT the amount that you are willing to give us, but we thank you for what GOD has blessed you to bless US with. The Donations/Contributions are to help our company to fulfill the ultimate Vision. Here is a list of our visions and the estimated amount and what we currently have to finish this vision and what we NEED to complete the vision.

  • Tolliver Music Group RADIO STATION-$40,000(needed) $20.00(we have)
  • Tolliver Music Group company building-$175,000(needed) $0.00(we have)
  • Tolliver Music Group Account-$40.00(needed) $3.00(we have)*need now*
  • Tolliver Music Group Music/Lyrics/publishing/copyrighting kit-$200.00(needed) $10.00(we have) *Most Important*
  • Tolliver Music Group Official Website-$60.00(needed) $0.00(we have) *Goal 2*
  • Tolliver Music Group Recording studio-$5,000(needed) $0.00(we have)*Goal 1*
  • Tolliver Music Group Artists Have Full Promotions and Exposure and service (any amount will help)

As you can see......we currently need an estimated sum of $5,300 to being to have a steady Income rate so that we won't have to have sponsors. For you as a sponsor, The Tolliver Music Group will have a sponors page and our site will advertise your business while you help ours. Please send all Donatations/Contributions to Mikeric Tolliver @714 Longleaf Avenue Goldsboro, N.C 27534 for Contributions/Donations. Please label the recipients name of the check or money order to "Mikeric Tolliver" and Not Tolliver Music Group. WE currently Do NOT have an Account.

We are on myspace too!!!!!!!!

PLease take timeout to view and tour the rest of our site.